What to expect from our counseling sessions

The first time you go for counseling can be anxiety producing, as any new experience can be.  Your therapist will go over some brief paperwork with you and then ask you what has brought you in.  Some people will have a clear answer to that question and others may not be so sure, either way we will figure it out together.

Counseling sessions are client led and the most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable.  We will follow your lead in what we discuss.

If you come in for couples counseling your therapist will go over the ground rules with both of you and then ask each of you what you hope to accomplish.  The purpose of couples counseling is to ensure that both parties are receiving what they need while teaching communication skills that will make each of you feel respected.  Couples counseling is not combative:  it is a collaborative effort whereupon we agree about goals and the best way to achieve them.  Our main job is to identify patterns which lead to the same unhelpful arguments that you have been unable to resolve for years and to teach you a new way to see each other and a new way to view conflict: conflict is not as an excuse for destructive venting  but instead is a tool to identify what you want and need out of life and how your partner can help you to get it.

We will meet with each member of the couple for one or two sessions alone and then meet together.  This moves the process along much faster since it gives a chance to know that “you” before meeting the “we.”

Jessica Kramer, LCPC, NCC

I’m Jessica Kramer, Principal Therapist and Owner of Jessica Kramer Therapy. I’m so glad that you found your way to my practice. We can help guide you toward a more fulfilling and enriching life. We provide individual counseling, couples counseling, and strategies and support for parents. For couples, premarital counseling and PREPARE/ENRICH sessions foster strength and areas of growth to help create the marriage couples long for. We also provide hypnotherapy and nutritional counseling for those who are struggling with substance abuse and eating disorders/obesity. Our office is located in Bethesda and also serves Rockville, Potomac, Silver Spring, and Chevy Chase.