What would be the most valuable wedding gift you could give yourself to ensure that your marriage starts off with a better chance for a lifetime of happiness? Would it be worth a few hours of your time?

Half of all marriages end in divorce, and many marriages that do stay together struggle along the way. If you want a relationship that provides each of you with fulfillment, support, joy and passion for a lifetime you need to have the skills to make it work.

Premarital Counseling Bethesda

Premarital counseling allows you to think through and talk about how you’ll communicate, solve problems, make decisions, structure your family, and interact with the world. It provides a time and space where you can step back from wedding planning and do some marriage planning. And it allows you to explore how influences from your families of origin might play out over time in your marriage.

You’ll have an opportunity to talk about the big, obvious issues, like goals, sex, money, and managing conflict. But you’ll also talk about the more important everyday things, like how you spend your leisure time and division of responsibilities in your household. Understanding where each partner stands on these issues allows couples to go into marriage with their eyes wide open and with realistic expectations about the life they are creating together.

Blending Families

When families “blend” to create step-families, things rarely progress smoothly. Some children may resist changes, while parents can become frustrated when the new family doesn’t function like their previous family. Premarital counseling for couples who are combining families will offer tremendous benefits in the form of insights, understanding of what children are going through, and techniques to manage expectations. For more information, see “Step-parenting”

Jessica Kramer, LCPC

I’m Jessica Kramer, Principal Therapist and Owner of Jessica Kramer Therapy. I’m so glad that you found your way to my practice. We provide individual counseling, couples counseling, and strategies and support for parents. For couples, premarital counseling and PREPARE/ENRICH sessions foster strength and areas of growth to help create the marriage couples long for. We also provide hypnotherapy and nutritional counseling for those who are struggling with substance abuse and eating disorders/obesity.  Our office is located in Bethesda and also serves Rockville, Potomac, Silver Spring, and Chevy Chase.