People who are seeking psychotherapy generally have two questions:

1)  Are my problems bad enough to justify the time and expense of therapy?

2) How can talking about my problems really help?

If you are spending time researching counselors then the answer to the first question is probably “Yes, you deserve to invest time and money in your own happiness.”

But talking about problems is not enough.  We will help you identify destructive patterns that have interfered with your ability to enjoy life and replace them with solutions that will realistically fit your lifestyle.

Relief from Anxiety

Our work with those suffering from anxiety is comprehensive and effective.  Our approach will teach you what anxiety is, we will help you figure out how anxiety manifests itself physically within you, and we will show you how to identify anxiety as soon as it begins to appear and stop it quickly.

Our approach

Our counseling approach is straightforward but in a compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere.  We provide a warm and supportive environment that uses strength-based approaches to achieve real results.

Whether you are having marital difficulties, difficulty getting along with co-workers, parenting challenges or just feeling a variety of uncomfortable physical symptoms of stress, we will help you figure out a plan to feel better quickly.

We know that by the time people start researching therapists they have been in pain for a very long time.  Maybe you know the origin of your pain, maybe you’ve been living this way for so long you don’t know how it started.  Why wait one more day?  Call today and devote yourself to feeling better right away.

Psychotherapist Bethesda

I’m Jessica Kramer, Principal Therapist and Owner of Jessica Kramer Therapy. I’m so glad that you found your way to my practice. We can help guide you toward a more fulfilling and enriching life. We provide individual counseling, couples counseling, and strategies and support for parents. For couples, premarital counseling and PREPARE/ENRICH sessions foster strength and areas of growth to help create the marriage couples long for. We also provide hypnotherapy and nutritional counseling for those who are struggling with substance abuse and eating disorders/obesity. Our office is located in Bethesda and also serves Rockville, Potomac, Silver Spring, and Chevy Chase.